ZLB Plasma Services, A CSL Company

CLIENT: Aventis Bio-Services (ABS), now merged with ZLB Plasma Services, a CSL Company, is one of the world’s largest plasma collection companies.

CHALLENGE: As ABS grew, project overload had overwhelmed consistent project success. There were too many projects and, too often, projects were inadequately defined or lacked management buy-in. Some critical projects had fallen behind schedule, and project managers struggled to meet the demands of a growing project load.

SOLUTION: Kepner-Tregoe worked with ABS to identify gaps in project performance, develop an improvement plan, and implement improvements. KT helped establish a project management office responsible for managing the organization’s project portfolio, providing project governance, and ensuring that projects met objectives. Other efforts included:

A skill development program to introduce KT Project Management, a systematic methodology that provides a common language for project management, and KT Project Logic®, software that makes it easier to learn and use Microsoft® Project.

Development of ABS employees as certified Program Leaders who teach KT Project Management workshops, coach project managers, and support best-in-class project management.

A communications program to share information about project work and communicate project success.

RESULTS: Results have been rapid and lasting. Within a year, everyone working in projects used a consistent familiar language for project management. Project awareness, communication, and success improved dramatically. On-schedule projects increased from 56.4% to 90%. Project leaders were responsible for an average of 1.4 projects, down from an unmanageable 2.6. In one instance, properly defining the project using KT Project Management saved $191,000 and 696 “people days.” Projects are the way work gets done at ZLB Plasma Services, providing a flexible structure that is focused on results.

“The ability to properly define projects has saved us countless dollars and months of wasted effort…Change is no longer the exception; it is our way of life. Because we partnered with KT for Project Management, we are in a much better position to leverage change and make it work for us.”

--- Matt Shapiro, Senior Manager of ABS during project rollout