Chemical industry case studies illustrate how Kepner-Tregoe (KT) consulting and training programs have improved operations at chemical companies. Rapid troubleshooting to find root cause with the structured Kepner-Tregoe process, helps chemical companies improve quality, build supplier relationships, as well as reduce costs. Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training programs build critical thinking skills while transferring a structured approach to troubleshooting problems that accelerates resolution with accurate root cause analysis.

Chemical industry case studies, along with energy and oil industry case studies, provide relevant, documented results of improvements in quality, asset management, operations efficiency that are sustainable long after the initial results. By building troubleshooting skills that accelerate root cause analysis, Kepner-Tregoe works with chemical industry clients to pursue operational excellence. Cost savings, improved quality and safety result from KT facilitation, consulting and training.

Manufacturers in the global chemical industry have incorporated Kepner-Tregoe troubleshooting processes into their operations. The structured critical thinking tools from Kepner-Tregoe have been credited with improving maintenance, quality, costs, productivity and other measures at chemical companies in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Uniroyal® gains an edge over its competition
Uniroyal®  gains an edge over its competition

This case study describes how Uniroyal used KT Problem Solving and Decision Making to gain an extra edge. With structured reasoning, they increased production capacity and customer satisfaction and eliminated the costs of rework and scrap.

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