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  • Type: Learning
  • Time: 21 - 28 hours
  • Cost: Paid

This badge earner has attended a KT Problem Management (formerly KT Resolve) workshop. They have acquired the foundational skills necessary for people in technical environments to understand:

  • how to set priorities for effective action in complex situations
  • how to find the root cause of problems
  • how to make decisions driven by objectives and an assessment of risks
  • how to plan actions that avoid future problems and leverage opportunities for additional value

They are able to ask specific questions to gain clarity, identify missing information, test hypotheses, assess risk, and arrive at clear, data-driven conclusions under time pressure when needed.

Earning Criteria

Has successfully attended the entire workshop and has participated in case practice

Has begun to apply the concepts to work-related issues

Skills Gained:

Click any of the categories to the right to show specific skills gained:


Critical thinking

  • Correct Approach
  • Appropriate Involvement
  • Clear Communication

KT Situation Appraisal

  • Clarification and Prioritization
  • Action Identification
  • Involvement Planning

KT Problem Analysis

  • Data Gathering
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Thinking Beyond the Fix

KT Decision Analysis

  • Setting Objectives and Measures
  • Scoring Alternatives and Assessing Risks
  • Assessing and Recommending Choices

KT Potential Problem Analysis

  • Prioritizing Risks
  • Taking Preventive Measures
  • Planning Contingencies

Questioning Skills

  • Expand Understanding
  • Clarify Context
  • Confirm Specifics

Issue Resolution

  • Efficient use of Processes
  • Reliable Results
  • Resolution under Pressure

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