Gold Client Event 2012 – The Challenge of Continuity

Nov 8, 2012
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Location: Edelgasse 15, Ingelheim, Germany  Wasems Kloster Engelthal,

Date: Wednesday 14th, November 2012

In previous years our senior clients have exchanged valuable insights into Process Design, Coaching and Systems Integration. We’ve seen many ideas that have turned average support performance into class-leading results.

This year we’re focusing on achieving a permanent change adoption and results, not only achieves temporary top class performance- “The challenge of continuity” is our theme.

Join us on Wednesday 14th of November 2012 for this year’s event in Ingelheim – the famous wine area near Frankfurt where we will gather at Wasems Kloster Engelthal.

Being at the leading edge of Embedded Service Excellence is what will drive most of the attendees of the annual KT event. Join us along with some of the most successful KT customers for an informative day including thought-provoking discussions and a chance to network with like-minded executives and experts – in a conference venue that combines the ancient charm of a monastery with modern style.

You already know that truly effective organizations create and maintain predictable performance in a business that gets ever more complicated. How can you integrate all the aspects need to be considered in order to continuously deliver a high performance service excellence?

At the KT Gold Client Event you will learn more about the major challenges and possibilities around successful adaptation through rational process and gain new insights on topics like:

  • Ideas for leaders in continuous improvement
  • Group discussion – “Motivation to maintain high level performance – What do organizations do?”
  • Problem Management – “And now ?”
  • Client presentation – show casing a success story or large scale project implementation

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday 14th of November 2012.

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