Who uses Problem Solving and why you should too?

Problem solving skills are a key part of the continuous improvement and learning process that enable humans to survive and evolve. By responding to signals from our environment, analyzing them and developing a situationally appropriate response, we are able to influence not only immediate outcomes but also change the likelihood of future events. How well do you understand the problems and opportunities in your environment and do you have the right skills and techniques to respond to them?

Problem Solving techniques are used across every profession, industry and geography as we seek to enrich our lives and respond to the world around us. Farmers apply problem solving techniques based on experience to identify what crops to plant, how to care for them and how to maximize profits in the marketplace. Manufacturers apply problem solving in the form of Lean and TQM methods to optimize the efficiency of their supply chains and production lines and to ensure product quality. Doctors and Nurses use strictly regulated problem solving techniques to diagnose and treat illness and injury. Intuitive problem solving is at the heart of every invention ever made and every business venture ever undertaken. Outside of the workplace, parents apply problem solving daily in responding to the challenges of child-rearing.

Though specific problem solving methods may vary in their degree of structure and formality, they all share a common purpose – to achieve a more favorable outcome than would occur by doing nothing. Developing and refining problem solving skills in both individuals and organizations enhances their ability to respond to increasingly difficult challenges in their environment. Successful Problem Solving is the key to evolution and survival in the business world.

Companies hire employees and procure resources as a response to the problem of capacity. Managers define operational processes to address the problem of coordination and repeatability. Customers purchase products and services to fulfill an unmet need. Problem Solving is at the heart of most everything we do, and the more proficient we are at understanding our individual roles in the Problem Solving process, the better we will be able to understand and thrive in our environment. Developing Problem Solving skills in your staff and implementing structured Problem Solving processes can help your organization better identify the problems and opportunities that exist within your unique environment, diagnose issues, analyze options and select the most appropriate actions to improve performance.

Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving methods and training have been helping companies and individuals improve their Problem Solving skills and processes since 1953 with a proven track record of success. We understand that every organization is different and through our experience we can help you identify and implement the right Problem Solving tools, processes and skills appropriate for your unique needs.

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