The Five Catalysts of Implementation Success. A New KT Blog Series

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There are a lot of choices out there that claim to help organizations “improve” things: increase productivity, reduce mistakes, improve morale. Why do some of them fail miserably and some of them make a material difference after implementation? According to a newly released white paper by Martin Wing and Kepner-Tregoe Consultant Jens Refflinghaus, success is a combination of not only the merits of the methodology you choose (i.e. Six Sigma, LEAN Sigma, etc.) but just as important is the implementation approach itself.

Wing and Refflinghaus outline five rules—catalysts—to follow in order to achieve success of any transformational improvement campaign. Later this week, we’ll begin a new blog series on these catalysts and questions you and your organization should ask to determine if you’re ready and prepared for each of the five areas. We hope that you’ll find them not only interesting, but useful.

Stay tuned…

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