Kepner-Tregoe’s technical support solutions for technology companies or  IT departments help them improve the performance of their technical support, customer care or escalation process. Kepner-Tregoe (KT) tech support consulting helps support organizations address problems of “having to do more with less” given  limited resources, but an increasingly complex technology environment, plus a customer base that demands “faster, better, cheaper” responses and resolution of their problems. Kepner-Tregoe leverages the world’s leading troubleshooting methodology to shorten resolution times, reduce costs per incident, and increase customer satisfaction.

Kepner-Tregoe consultants deliver proven problem solving solutions which bring better quality and consistency to the customer interaction and documentation process by getting faster to the root cause of problems, restoring service more effectively, managing risk actively and communicating with confidence under pressure. As the backbone of modern business, the speed at which the technical support department can resolve issues directly translates into cost savings and increased productivity company-wide.  We provide technical support and business solutions in areas including but not limited to problem management, incident management, service process performance, project management, strategy implementation to give your organization the competitive edge.

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