Kepner-Tregoe Digital Badge Program for Program Leaders

Digital Badges are awarded to those who have completed KT’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI), and have been successfully checked-out.

This Badge can be displayed anywhere appropriate and serves as a symbol of recognition that the owner is a certified Kepner-Tregoe Program Leader.

This badge is valid indefinitely, however all terms and conditions contained within the PL contract remain in place and unaffected.

The KT Badge registry is designed to enable persons or companies to quickly verify that the Badge is authentic, and credentialed by Kepner-Tregoe as the issuing authority.

The registry will not reveal any personal or private information. The purpose is simply to verify that a person has been granted a digital badge by Kepner-Tregoe.

The registry will work as follows:

  • A person or company wishes to verify the authenticity of a digital badge, and in order to do so navigates to the KT Badge Program website
  • They enter your last name and click on search
  • If your name is registered as a badge owner, the search will give a positive result

Now that you understand the process, you have three choices as shown in the form below.