Coaching and Facilitation

Empower change

A competitive support organization requires effective leadership. Enabling it with a deeper understanding of the Kepner-Tregoe methodology allows it to facilitate, coach and mentor their teams.

KT Coach

The role of a problem solving coach is to support and reinforce best practice in the workplace while troubleshooting live customer incidents and problems. Kepner-Tregoe empowers the KT coaches in your organization with the ability and methods to be the leaders of change your organization needs every day to translate training into results. It's about transferring the knowledge to drive adoption of problem solving while considering the style and needs of the trainee. Coaches maximize the ROI from your training investment.

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KT Facilitator

Take your incident and problem resolution leadership skills to the next level through improved facilitation and coaching capabilities. Kepner-Tregoe empowers your leaders to help their teams diagnose situations and make decisions rapidly and effectively, under pressure, using advanced process and situational analysis skills. Develop and build high performing, cross-functional troubleshooting teams to expedite solutions to any situation. Leverage subject matter experts to take control of the situation and drive the team to a fast and optimal outcome to any situation.

Prepare your leaders now


Simulation training makes the transition from theory to practice to adoption easy. Learning any new skill can be hard, applying what you have learned when back on the job and under pressure can be harder. The best way to reinforce the classrom training and learning is through practice. Working in a group dynamic you can practice, recieve immedate feedback and achieve greater proficiency and success. Participants gain the confidence they need to recognize problems, troubleshoot them and make decisions that lead to more positive outcomes.

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