Prioritize and deliver

By developing a project and program selection process, based on relevant criteria that support strategic and operational objectives, an optimal project portfolio can be developed. This takes the organization from where it is now, to where it wants to be, turning theoretical strategy into practical reality.

Results delivered

  • Thomson Tubes: 111 projects in two weeks instead of three
  • Sara Lee: Six major new products launched with dramatically improved right-first-time quality
  • Lockheed Martin: Improved cost management from an average $120,000 overrun to a $90,000 under-run

Our Solution

Match initiatives with objectives

Using this approach we will help you develop the Optimal Project Portfolio (OPP) - a balanced portfolio of projects that can deliver against your strategic intent.

We will help your leadership team to articulate clear, measurable strategic and financial objectives, so that each new project idea can be clearly prioritized, enabling a phased implementation plan for the whole transformation to be created.

This implementation plan will take into account capital and human resource constraints, as well as focusing energy and attention on those projects that are most likely to drive the achievement of the strategic objectives.


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